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Since 7 generations, Bernard HAAS & Fils are involved in the wine industry. With passion and savoir faire, we bring together tradition and innovation. The results of long days worked in a well-known vineyard carried out with dedication.

Located in the heart of the Alsatian Wine Road, the medieval city of Kaysersberg is renowned for several facts; Doctor Albert Schweitzer’s native village, awarded Nobel Peace Prize, abundant history dating back to 1227, its notorious wines paired gastronomy, and famous Christmas market.

Our family winery in Kaysersberg is in close proximity to the emblematic Church (13th-16th Centuries) and the imperial castle with its fortified towers (13th Century). In 2017, the city of Kaysersberg was elected “French people’s favorite village” for its beautiful pathways and famous half-timbering houses.

For several generations, we have worked independently, from the harvest, bottling, to the sale. All of our wines come from our very own harvest and all the vinification process takes place in our family cellar.

KAYSERSBERG, Alsace, France.

Our vineyard is located at the gates of the city of Kaysersberg, to the left and the right of the castle.

To the right, there is an exceptional terroir, which is the first classified Grand Cru in Alsace in 1975; the Grand Cru Schlossberg.

Our vineyard faces south and sits on a very steep hillside where terraces have been built.

With a microclimate, granitic soil, the Grand Cru Schlossberg is profitable for the Riesling and the Gewurztraminer. It admirably gives well-balanced, rich and fine wines with mineral, floral or subtle fruity aromas.

Our vineyard located to the left of the castle is named “Côtes the Kaysersberg”. Also along the steep slopes, this terroir expresses distinctive and very fruity wines with delicate finesse aromas.

Our business is exceptional being that it is family owned for generations. All year long, we work on 13 hectares of vineyard.

We work in sustainable agriculture and we recently obtained the HVE certification (High Environmental Value). We apply a variety of techniques in up keeping the vineyard including tillage, partial grass and reaping.

During the harvest, everything is manually done and the yields are lowered to favor the concentration of aromas in the grapes.


We produce the seven Alsatian grape varieties under AOC Alsace (Appellation d’Origine Controllée). These wines can be made from only one grape variety.
We also produce Grand Cru wines, late harvest, AOC Crémant and Sélection de Grains Nobles.

Crémant d’Alsace

This Cremant is produced according to the traditional method. With its fine, light and elegant bubbles, the Cremant will give the festive touch to all your events.

Food & Wine pairing : aperitif and desserts, seafood, crustacean, scallop, grilled fish, white meat.

Crémant Rosé

This Cremant is produced according to the traditional method. The nose is open on strawberries and red fruits notes, the attack on the mouth is lively and continues with a round and elegant finish.

Food & Wine pairing : aperitif and desserts.


The Edelzwicker is a blend wine of different Alsatian grape varieties. It is a dry, fresh and lightly fruity white wine.

Food & Wine pairing : aperitif, basic dishes, fish, mixed salads.

Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes

Dry and subtle perfumed white wine with a light color. Discreet nose, it opens up on fruity and floral notes. With a nice vivacity and freshness on the mouth, the Sylvaner is a pleasant and thirst-quenching wine.
Old vines from Kaysersberg

Food and Wine pairing : fish, seafood and crustacean, sushis, savory pies or quiches, salads, charcuteries.

Pinot Blanc Côtes de Kaysersberg

With its pale gold color, the Pinot Blanc offers a fresh and subtle nose. Suppleness and freshness are combined to give a delicate roundness on the mouth. Its light acidity makes it a lively and pleasant wine.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, starters, charcuteries, white meat and poultry, fish, Raclette.

Riesling Réserve Personnelle

Well-known in Alsace and all over the world, the Riesling is a dry, racy and lightly fruity white wine. Very expressive nose with citrus fruits, floral and mineral notes. A mineral attack on the mouth with a crisp acidity.

Food and Wine pairing : raw and grilled fish, seafood and crustacean, traditional sauerkraut, white and roast meat, Raclette, goat cheese.

Riesling Barrique

This atypical Riesling is a dry and lively white wine. The whole vinification process is done in French oak barrel from the fermentation to the aging (8 months). On the nose, there are vanilla aromas. On the mouth, a tense, dry and gourmet wine.

Food & Wine pairing : grilled fish, seafood, crustacean and cheeses plate.


It is the same feeling as biting into a fresh grape! Delightful and dry, the Muscat offers a powerful bouquet of fresh fruits. In the mouth, the grape is ever-present with floral notes. It opens up with a fruity and crunchy first impression and end with a crisp acidity.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, asparagus and crunchy vegetables, smoked salmon.

Pinot Gris Côtes de Kaysersberg

With its discreet but really complex nose, the Pinot Gris offers undergrowth aromas, lightly smoked. Well-balanced and fruity with a nice roundness and a long finished, it presents a perfect balance.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, white meat and poultry, red meat, Comté cheese and Gruyere.

Pinot Gris Vieilles Vignes

The Pinot Gris Vieilles Vignes owns a nice yellow gold color. On the nose, it offers smoked aromas typical of this grape. Nice round amplitude on the mouth completed with a well-structured freshness and a long finished.

Old vines from Kaysersberg

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, foie gras, salty-sweet dishes, Comté and Beaufort cheeses.

Pinot Gris Elevé en Fût de Chêne

The Pinot Gris Fût de Chêne was aged in French oak barrels during 6 to 9 months. On the nose, it is complex and woody. This Pinot Gris is vinified dry with a rich attack on the mouth. Well-structured and powerful wine with vanilla notes and a long finished.

Food and Wine pairing : meat and poultry, duck, fish in sauce.

Gewurztraminer Réserve Personnelle

It is a true aromatic pallet that characterized the Gewurztraminer! The bouquet is powerful and complex, and developed rich exotic fruits aromas as pineapple and lychee completed by spices. With a round attack, this wine is ample and fruity. Long finished and explosive mix of aromas on the mouth.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, salty-sweet dishes, spicy food, strong cheeses as Munster, desserts.


Blend white wine of Riesling (50%), Pinot Blanc (40%) and Gewurztraminer (10%) produced from our oldest parcels with low yields. Open nose on floral and white fruits aromas. Elegant wine, full and rich in the mouth with a nice acidity and freshness.

Food and Wine pairing : pleasant wine to drink in aperitif or pair with white meat, poultry, grilled fish and sushis.

Pinot Noir Rosé

Ideal during the summer time! With its nice raspberry color, the Rosé offers a fresh nose with red fruits aromas. Refreshing and fruity on the palate, with a nice roundness, strawberry and cherry notes.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, barbecue, white meat, salads and crudités.

Pinot Noir Réserve Personnelle

Pinot Noir is the only red grape variety in Alsace. With its ruby red color, its nose opens up on black and red fruits aromas as raspberry and cherry. This wine is light, delightful and brings freshness and fruitiness. It should be drunk cool and it will perfectly goes with your meals.

Food and Wine pairing : game and red meat, terrine and charcuteries, barbecue, Camembert and Brie cheese.

Pinot Noir Elevé en Fût de Chêne

Aged in French oak barrels during 8 to 9 months, its ruby red dress reveals garnet-colored reflects. The nose, complex and elegant, develops woody and red fruits aromas. On the mouth, fruity aromas and complexity give a structured final.

Food and Wine pairing : red meat, game, charcuteries, barbecue, strong cheeses.


100% Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir comes from Kayserberg which has a clay-limestone soil. Open nose on ripe fruits notes, dark cherry, blackcurrant and spices. Gourmet and structured wine with silky tannins.

Food and Wine pairing : red meats and game, duck, poultry, charcuteries and cheeses.

Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg

First classified Growth in Alsace, the Riesling Schlossberg distinguishes itself by an exceptional freshness and minerality. It opens up on an elegant aromatic complexity with citrus fruits and white flowers aromas. In the mouth, a lightly roundness and a crisp acidity offer a perfect balance.

Food and Wine pairing : grilled or in sauce fish, seafood, sushis, white meat, Choucroute.

Pinot Gris Cuvée Elsa

Close to a late harvest wine, this Pinot Gris is powerful with a strong character. Nice round amplitude with a nose, which opens up on smoked and dried apricot notes. Elegant and gourmet Cuvée.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, pan-fried duck foie gras, strong cheeses as Epoisses, salty-sweet dishes, desserts and pies.

Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Schlossberg

With its exceptional South exposure on the Grand Cru Schlossberg, this wine distinguished itself by an exceptional richness and delicacy. With an intense yellow gold color, this Grand Cru offers spices and subtle nutty notes. It is a powerful and harmonious wine. On the mouth and on the nose, it is a real festival of exotic aromas.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, foie gras, desserts, spicy food, goat cheese toasts.

Gewurztraminer Cuvée Nathalie

This Gewurztraminer distinguishes itself by a wonderful aromas complexity, a powerful and elegant structure. Its exotic nose blends candied fruits as lychee, peach and pineapple. In the mouth, abundance and delicacy offer a perfect balance.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, pan-fried duck foie gras, Asian food, salty-sweet dishes, spicy food, desserts.

Riesling Vendanges Tardives

Straw-yellow color with gold highlights. Complex nose well-developed on candied fruits and acacia notes. On the mouth, the freshness of the grape and the roundness of the Late Harvest offer a perfect balance.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, foie gras, sushis, smoked salmon, citrus pies and desserts.

Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives

Bright color with gold highlights. Its nose is harmonious and intense with ripped and candied fruits notes as peach and apricot. On the mouth, a real aromatic explosion and an intense concentration bring a long finished.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, foie gras, fruity desserts, pies and cakes.

Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives

Intense yellow gold color. Powerful and perfumed nose with candied fruits notes and honey aromas. It distinguishes itself by an intense concentration and an incredible aromatic power.

Food and Wine pairing : aperitif, foie gras, desserts, strong cheeses.



– All our tours are available in French and English.
– Reservation can be made by phone ou via our contact form.
– Excepting during the harvest.

Classic Tour

We welcome you in our wine tasting area for a comments tasting of 4 or 5 wines.

Duration: can be adapted according your time


Discovery Tour

We welcome you in our wine tasting area with a comments tasting of 5 wines., followed by a visit of the winemaking cellar.

Duration: about 1 hour

4 to 50 persons – 10€/person

Reservation 24 hours in advance

Privilege Tour

We welcome you in our wine tasting area followed by a visit of the winemaking cellar with a comments tasting of 6 wines including 2 Grands Crus + Pretzel.

Duration: about 1 hour

4 to 50 persons – 12€/person

Reservation 24 hours in advance

Gourmet Tour

We take you for a walk to discover the vineyard of Kaysersberg and its fabulous Grand Cru Schlossberg, by going through the medieval castle dating back to the 13th Century. Then we welcome you for a visit in our winemaking cellar with a comments tasting of 6 wines including 2 Grands Crus + 1 Prestige wine + Pretzel.

Duration: about 1 hour 30

8 to 30 persons – 20€/person

Reservation 24 hours in advance

Wines & Flambed Tarts

We welcome you for a visit of our cellar, followed by a commented tasting of 5 wines in our tasting room, accompanied by flambed tarts, an unavoidable specialty of the region. Ideal for a real moment of conviviality with family or friends!

Duration: about 2 hours

Minimum of 10 persons – 30€/person

Reservation 48 hours in advance

Possibility to complete the formula by adding sweet tarts with apples flambed tarts flamed with calvados. 35€/person


Come to visit us and taste in our new wine shop. Now located at 6 rue du Général Rieder, 68240 Kaysersberg

Our Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg 2019 was selected for the « Best Riesling Alsace » contest organised in Denmark in June 2021.

Our Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg got a distinction in the 2024 Hachette Guide and our Pinot Noir L’Intemporel in the 2023 Hachette Guide.


Les 9, 10 et 11 Février 2024
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CINEY / Belgique (B-5590)
Les 9 & 10 Mars 2024
Salle Saint Luc, Rue Martin Morimont, 5590 CINEY

Le samedi 06 Avril 2024
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THIMISTER En Vins & En Saveurs / Belgique (B-4890)
Anciennement salon du vin de Dison
Les 19, 20 & 21 Avril 2024
Cercle familial, centre 3, 4890 THIMISTER-CLERMONT

Les 4, 5 et 6 Octobre 2024
Salle du Cheval blanc – rue Vallée 7, 4681 HERMALLE SOUS ARGENTEAU

BELLEFONTAINE / Belgique (B-6730)
Les 2 & 3 Novembre 2024
Rue Jean-Charles de Hugo 77, 6730 BELLEFONTAINE

Le samedi 09 Novembre 2024
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SOVET / Belgique (B-5590)
Les 16 & 17 Novembre 2024
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We organize cellar and vineyard visits. Groups are more than welcome, with a 50 persons capacity and by appointment only. We are excited to share our passion and appreciation with you as well as explain all the working process of a winegrower.

Bernard HAAS & Fils


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